Fans & light filters / Extraction Fans



  • Rigid and durable fiberglass housing
  • Insulated and sealed damper door to reduce condensation, light and air leaks
  • Polymer Engineered UV protected cone and damper door
  • Inlet guard mounts flush with inside of building framing, without needing an additional housing
  • Automotive grade sealed drive bearing and 3x sealed tensioner pulley bearing


Product description

The WM54F uses over 65 years of design knowledge of the American fan manufacturing company Aerotech to give todays producer exactly what they need.
Produced according to European standards, the Munters engineering team designed a fan using premium long lasting materials like durable and ridged fiberglass housing, polymer engineered cones and insulated damper doors.
Not only is the WM54F incredibly durable, the BESS Lab tested WM54F is a top performer in its class. Protect your investment and chose the fan designed to handle your harsh livestock environment, the WM54F, designed for years of trouble free ventilation.

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