Combined Temperature & Humidity Control / Alarms & Communication

Wireless RS-485 Module

AgriAlert Control Series

  • Spike Block - surge/lightning protection
  • Reliable 12 volts rechargeable gel-cell battery back-up
  • Programmable alarm recalls feature for acknowledged but unresolved alarms
  • Self-diagnostics of complete systems, including, wiring, sensors, outputs, fuses, battery, etc.


Product description

Go wireless with the RS-485 modules. This module can
be programmed as a receiver or transmitter with a range
of up to 6,500 feet*. This wireless module is typically used
in combination with a main controller (AA128 Touch,
or AA9600). A secondary wireless RS-485 transmitter
can be utilized to relay information from remote RS-485
modules to the wireless RS-485 (Base). This allows a
variety of configuration options to accommodate your
particular needs

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