Combined Temperature & Humidity Control / Climate systems - temperature and humidity

ML Plus

ML Plus

  • Highly flexible system - pre-engineered modules to be combined
  • Modulated control of react.heater secures minimized energy consumption
  • High quality casing for hygienic demands
  • Compact design - small foot print - easy to locate
  • Easy installation - plug & play
  • Fits to ISO-standard ductworks
  • Easy service access


  • Bypass
  • Mirror handed
  • Stainless steel casing
  • Modbus or BACnet controls

Product description

Built up by standard modules the ML Plus concept is a compact standardised standalone dehumidification system with incorporated temperature  and humidity control.

Our  ML Plus-system can be configured with booster fan, humidifier, pre- and post coolers and heaters according to your requirements.
The ML Plus system is built up in elements, assembled and tested at our factory - ready for immediate start up on site. 

Small footprint - easy installation

By standardising it has been possible to minimize the foot print measurements enabling simple integration of ML Plus into most moisture sensitive production processes.

ML Plus can be delivered with air flows from 180 m3/h up to 5500 m3/h and the system is quick and easy to connect to existing pipes and ducts.

Compliance Documentation: Directive 2009/125/EC
The Operating Manual provides guidance on the identification of the parts of the unit and any specific assembly instructions. Further instructions specific to configured solutions will be supplied in the technical folder with the unit.

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