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Farm Scale

Farm Scales

  • Control of 1 or 2 bird scales
  • Up to 500 days data collection
  • Water and dust resistant, power surge and lightning protection
  • High quality cables and stainless steel hanging or floor platform
  • 5-digit display and USB connection for PC communication
  • Standard curves or the users own curves (Poultry weight system)
  • Precision per weighing + - 0,2% (Poultry weight system)
  • Displays the standard deviation of daily increment etc. (Poultry weight system)


  • Static pressure card

Product description

Farm Scale is an advanced and automatic standalone live bird scale center, which makes crucial weighing procedures easier, faster and more accurate than ever. Through an outstanding accuracy and an exceptional weighing speed, which separates weighing for males and females, Farm Scale weighs any bird (breeders, broilers, turkeys and pullets) and collects and calculates exact data on average bird weight, number of birds weighed, daily weight gain, standard deviation, CV and uniform-ity. With an easy-to-follow user friendly interface and a quick installation setup, an unlimited number of Farm Scales could be controlled by a single PC through a newly developed hardware and cutting edge hardware and software.

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