Combined Temperature & Humidity Control / Agricultural Control Systems

Farm Center Pro

Farm Series controls

  • Versatile family of controllers
  • Relays and variable speed outputs (Farm Hand)
  • Temperature and RH readings and control (Farm Hand)
  • Ideal for step control of ventilation (Farm Hand)
  • Economical solution for sophisticated climate control of many small rooms in close proximity (Farm Master/Farm Center)
  • Extensive user interface on FarmCenter
  • Full function controller (Farm Master/Farm Center)
  • Extensive control of many functions within one structure (FarmPro)


Product description

Munters advanced Farm Center Pro & Farm Master Controllers are two innovative products that work together lo revolutionize the entire concept of complete facility management.
Specially designad, this highly efficient, user-friendly Munters solution is based on an inclusive system, in which one central server - Farm Center Pro controls high-performance Farm Master control units, installed in the different rooms of the facility.
The Farm Center Pro's color screen and user friendly software package enables coinvent configuration.