Air Intakes / Air Inlets / Wall Inlets

ZEW Professional 2900

Mechanical Actuated Wall Inlets

  • Minimal thermal losses and avoidance of condensate due to integrated flap
  • All round sealing for optimum closure
  • Spreads the temperature uniformly inside the building, as the minimum air rate can be geared solely to the requirements of the animals.


  • Fiberglass Weatherhood

Product description

Through its unique geometry, the coming together of cold fresh air and moist warm building air is displaced to areas in which no negative effects on functionality will occur. A comprehensive accessory range including protective bird grid, wind deflection hood, actuator
and special pulley incl. rope locking device complete the wall air inlet.

2 options - Auto open (pictured) and Auto close
Will not freeze shut up to -25 degree F. outside air temperature.
Integrated Top Deflector to direct Air along building ceiling
Optional Weatherhood & Dark Out

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