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Natural ridge ventilation, galvanized

Ridge air inlets

  • Ideal combination of natural ventilation and optimum light dispersion in any form of barn or stable
  • Rigid, weather proof construction, designed to withstand the climate conditions in northern Europe
  • Double walled, 10 mm, UV resistant Lexan PC (PolyCarbonate) sheet material with 10 years limited warranty on light transmission
  • Optimal transparency
  • Wind deflectors made from corrugated metal sheets prevent rain, snow, hail and dirt from entering the barn/stable
  • Wind deflectors can be equipped with a manual or automatic closing system to seal of the barn/stable during extreme weather conditions
  • Varying height and width to accommodate individual requirements for air capacity and light dispersion
  • The ridge vent is part of the emergency ventilation in case of fire


Product description

By choosing the ideal solution to provide natural ventilation for your barn/stable, you greatly increase the livestock welfare and thereby your production yield. Munters ridge ventilation provides an excellent combination of ventilation and light dispersion as an integral part of the natural ventilation for livestock barns and stables.
Insulated and UV resistant Lexan PC (PolyCarbonate) sheets ensure little or no condensation on the inside of the structure. The sheet profile and technical specification provides a rugged and weather proof solution with optimum translucency, performance and ease of operation.
Ridge height is either 300 mm or 400 mm depending on the required chimney effect. The width of the ridge opening varies from 80 cm up to 4 m.

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