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How DesiCool works

DesiCool™ air conditioning is a dry and cool system. The system has no compressor, but its capacity is as large as the conventional CFC-based system. Air-cooling mode can be realized in which the temperature is 30-15°C.

Cooling for effective action in the summer months, additional heat. Waste heat can be used.

DesiCool system has many advantages; it uses the cooling energy source of heat or electricity. Device heat recovery ability is so good that often, even in winter, there is no need to preheat the air. Thanks to the aforementioned benefits, the operating costs are low. The compressor is not required so the maintenance is easily treatable with your own personnel without outside help.

DesiCool outdoor installation MCUR version of the series is the perfect solution for more than 4 m3/s  currents air. Indoor installations of more than 2 m3/s air currents are suitable for MCUI series. For systems with cooling beams, the dewpoint of the air inlet provides air sub-cooling. Dehumidification is not needed coil.

DesiCool cooling operation 

First air is dried and then cooled in the heat exchanger rotor.

Target conditions created by adding evaporative cooler. The exhaust air is cooled evaporative cooler. The heat exchanger of the rotor as it passes through it to heat the incoming air. Exhaust air is heated further, usually 55°C, using a heating coil. The hot air removes moisture, after which it is ready to receive the new moisture load.


The outer shell and service corridor are isolated from two layers of galvanized sheet steel and the frame is isolated. The dampers and/or frames can be supplied on request also painted.

The panels have inspection hatches maintenance corridor fan cooler, the heat exchanger rotor and drying of the rotor housings.

Sectors and service corridors shall be equipped with lamps. The device is delivered in three parts.

Casing air leakage: Leakage Class A, EN 1886: 1989. B-leak-class housing is available on request.

Housing temperature class: Class T2 EN 1886: 1989, the.

Air filters: Filter class F7 according to EN779. Filter class F8 is available on request.

Control equipment

All outdoor installations referred to in DesiCool systems are supplied with a standardized control system. Some of the hardware delivered to the service corridor mounted keskuskaapilla.

Humidifiers and valves, switches along with temperature, humidity and pressure sensors are installed in the air handling unit flow diagram. Part of the sensors are supplied loose for mounting the device in position.

All the necessary center of the cabinet electrical components are supplied as standard, as well as the connections of the closet ready for actuators, sensors and motors.

Cabinet foreground is a flat screen, which shows the readings provided by the sensors in the unit käyntitila- and alarm data.

Standard delivery includes:
* The frequency inverters, as well as the inlet and outlet side of the fan motors.

* Wiring for Inverters and Inverter are also ready. 

* Ready-pump series, included in the delivery.

* All pipes to the radiator pump sets are pre-insulated. 


Available in a myriad of alternatives. The most commonly selected options include:
* Pressure sensors for continuous adjustment of the pressure in the supply air and exhaust air duct (inverter is often used with a VAV systems).

* The fire gas detector and actuator gas fire dampers. 

DesiCool is a perfect cooling solution, which is the most significant benefit of energy cost savings, ease of maintenance, based on need and individual equipment options.

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