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ProkPool creates perfect conditions for Hydrotherapy Pool

Hillside Primary School in Cumnock, East Ayrshire is a special needs school which has been providing the community with a base for education and support for over 20 years for children with severe and complex care needs from the ages of 5 – 18 years. The 30m₂ hydrotherapy pool located within the primary school is a key facility for the children. It is used every day in order to provide the young people within the community who have special needs with 1:1 assisted swimming. Due to the specific requirements of a hydrotherapy pool, over and above that of a normal pool, the environment needs to be as comfortable and safe for the children as possible.

The air handling system previously installed to serve the pool hall had been controlling the climate for 20 years since the school had opened around 1992.

The original unit was in poor condition, outdated, and becoming costly for maintenance and wasn’t giving the children the most comfortable conditions when using the hydrotherapy pool.

It is for this reason that in 2012 East Ayrshire Council decided to replace the air handling system with a new unit to meet the requirements of the pool. East Ayrshire Council have several Munters pool units in other schools and approached Munters in the first instance to review a specification for a replacement unit.

The Munters ProKlima unit proposed met these expectations and more, by allowing members of staff to adjust the temperature and control the humidity within the pool hall within a varying level, over and above the flexibility of the original unit.

David McCreath at East Ayrshire Council stated that, ”The new unit was easy to set up and control, and after a demonstration from the installer, the school have been running and managing the system with no problems since the day it was commissioned”.

In talks with Munters, David McCreath, Mechanical Engineer at East Ayrshire Council, stated that the unit needed to control the humidity and give comfortable temperature conditions specific for a hydrotherapy pool environment. There were also space issues in the plant room that had to be considered, and the ductwork connections to the new unit had to be the same to avoid significant alterations to the existing system.

The successful application and installation at Hillside Primary School has been so popular East Ayrshire Council have implemented Munters solutions in other schools around the same area for a similar purpose.

Quick facts

  • Achieve perfect conditions
  • Reduce noise levels
  • 100% reliable
  • Gain approx. 10% energy savings per annum
  • Dramatically reduce maintenance
  • Typically saving £1000 per annum overall

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