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New! TelcOasis™ Cooling for Telecoms

Aug 14, 2015

Munters Corporation is proud to bring you a dedicated cooling system designed for the Telecom industry. The ideal solution for retrofit!

In recent years, several new energy efficient solutions have been identified by engineers to manage the thermal loads inside telecommunication facilities and server/computer rooms. Munters Indirect Air-Side Economizer (IASE) has the potential to outperform current cooling strategies while offering some key system advantages.

With over 35 years of experience in air-to-air heat exchangers and evaporative cooling, Munters advanced cooling systems provide the desired cooling results using significantly less energy than standard air conditioning.

The TelcOasis, IASE uses water and air to reject heat from the self-cleaning polymer heat exchanger, cooling the return air without coming into direct contact with the water. Supply fan motors are equipped with variable speed controls such that the supply airflow from the unit can closely match the airflow of the IT equipment fans. A standard touch screen model is offered to the Telecom and IT industry to cover most central office, point of presence and switch gear/server/computer room applications.

Munters cooling solutions enable Telecom customers to free up electrical power for their core business. These outdoor units do not occupy valuable indoor white space and can be located in the machine room, on the roof or on the exterior perimeter of the building.

TelcOasis™ is the ideal choice for retrofitting projects as the weight and the footprint were designed to replace conventional R-22 rooftop package units without any alternations to the building.


  • 4 times less energy consumption compared to conventional cooling
  • Environmentally friendly
  • BacNet capability
  • Qualifies for utility rebates and / LEED credits
  • ETL / CSA listed
  • Touch screen controls
  • Small footprint

This product is a 10,000 CFM recirculating air cooling unit with Munters Intelligence Inside, utilizing our patented indirect evaporative polymer heat exchanger technology.

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