Indoor Swimming Pools

The aggressive combination of humidity and chlorine in swimming pools and natatoriums is a threat for the indoor climate and building constructions.

Munters air treatment systems solve the problems and often also reduces energy costs, thanks to it’s energy-efficient principles of operation.


The moisture load in buildings hosting swimming pools challenges conventional air handling systems, and the indoor climate often ends up in being uncomfortably humid for athletes and audience.

Athletes can experience problems in breathing, and furthermore the building construction is damaged by mold and corrosion. Expensive renovation and building maintenance is frequently required as a result of the condensation.


Munters’ air treatment solutions can be integrated in existing AHU systems provides a very energy efficient alternative to conventional cooling. Thanks to possibilities like heat recovery to pre-treat the outside air, integration of heat pump, adding post heat and/or cooling, energy costs can be dramatically reduced.

Swimming pools and natatoriums experience benefits like:

  • Healthy and comfortable indoor climate for swimmers and audience
  • Reduction of condensation problems
  • Reduced maintenance costs as building structures are no longer affected by corrosion, mold etc.
  • Lower operating costs
  • Wide range of energy-saving options like heat recovery, gas driven regeneration of desiccant wheel etc.
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