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Pleasure-Boats and Yachts

Pleasure-Boats and Yachts

At the heart of all pleasure boats are the engines, powerful and precision-engineered to deliver performance at a moment’s notice.

So it’s surprising how often water and water-borne contaminants are allowed to drive right into the heart of the boat, affecting performance, longevity and comfort. Air can also be heavily laden with moisture, salt and even sand or other abrasives and yet often it is ‘filtered’ simply by decorative louvers that do little to protect the engines or the interior. The effect is often reduced engine performance, corrosion and even severe long term damage. It also increases down-time, affects resale value and raises maintenance costs. Yet the problem is easily solved with purpose-built Munters marine mist eliminators.


Moving fast or cruising leisurely – it’s all the same air

Naturally you’d expect racing boats and their engines to need the highest level of protection – air-hungry high performance engines having to cope with high levels of spray close to the waterline. But craft cruising at a far more leisurely pace, from day sailors and weekenders right up to the most impressive motor yachts, also need protecting. Not just within the engine rooms either – the high level of finish within the cabins and day areas are also vulnerable to mildew and discoloration from moist, salt, sand and other pollutants.



Effective protection of engines and interiors for:

• Racing boats
• Day cruisers
• Weekenders
• Catamarans
• New vessels and re-builds

Breathe easy!


The secret of the technology lies in preventing water and especially salt water from entering, while still ensuring efficient aspiration for the engines and the air conditioning at all times. And when the engines breathe easily, they perform effortlessly, optimizing fuel consumption, performance and extending service life.


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