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Humidity control is an important factor for stable and predictable pharmaceutical production. From R&D labs to bulk production, humidity can affect both the chemical and mechanical properties of formulations, which can lead to quality issues and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) challenges.

All through the life cycle of API development and production, Munters has a range of flexible solutions that deliver stable environmental conditions regardless of the weather or season, and deliver your air quality requirements with fixed airflows and HEPA filtration.

Starting in R&D labs, our small units can be used to control the relative humidity levels of isolators and glove boxes, and allow fine tuning of the optimal humidity level for producing stable formulations making them the right choice when developing tablets, capsules, powders and strips.

Pilot production is a critical phase where all the conditions in the R&D phase are scaled up, and our solutions also scale up to match. Moving from the lab to an open production area introduces new challenges, and our decades of expertise can make the difference between taking days rather than weeks to stabilize the pilot production environment.


Bulk production areas require constant humidity control, not only for ensuring that the dosage format is manufactured according to GMP and SOP guidelines, but that other humidity related issues such as condensation, corrosion and microbial growth are all kept under control.

Both before and after production, storage of bulk materials and packaged products also benefit from year-round humidity control, ensuring that powders and granules flow smoothly without clogging when being pneumatically transported, storage areas are condensation and corrosion free, and packaged products are stored under optimal conditions until shipping. Storage of vaccines and temperature-sensitive products is another area where Munters has considerable experience. Chilled storage is especially prone to condensation, which can lead to microbial growth and damage to packaging. The addition of our solutions can quickly bring this under control.


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