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Lithium Battery Rooms

The manufacturing of lithium batteries takes place in small laboratory environments to large scale mass production dry rooms.

These high energy batteries must be produced in environments with less than 1 percent humidity because lithium metal reacts with water vapor to form lithium hydroxide, hydrogen and heat. When Lithium Ion cells are manufactured, the materials forming the cathode, anode and electrolyte are not explosive with water, but are so sensitive to moisture that Li Ion dry rooms are typically maintained at lower dew points than dry rooms for lithium metal batteries. Water vapor acts as a catalyst, so ultra-low supply air dew points are required to achieve high levels of product yield and quality control for lithium battery dry rooms and other applications with alkaline metals (primarily batteries, thermal batteries and other processes using moisture sensitive components).

Most battery manufacturers request that a room’s humidity/average moisture levels be maintained as low as -40°C dew point (1/2% Relative Humidity at 72°F) or -33°C dew point (1% Relative Humidity at 72°F).

Munters Green PowerPurge™ desiccant system was specifically designed to meet the needs of advanced battery manufacturers requiring excellent dew point control, while at the same time consuming less energy.

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Green PowerPurge Benefits:

  • Easily achieves -70°F dew point
  • Optimizes energy for cooling and reactivation heat
  • Annual energy savings are 25% - 45% versus other purge systems
  • Qualifies for LEED building certification
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