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Kista Munters HQ

Munters AB Headquarters

Contact information

+46 (0)8-626 63 00


Invoicing address

Please note that Munters AB and Munters Europe has different invoicing addresses.

Munters AB
Box 1212
164 28 Kista

Munters Europe AB
Box 7008
164 07 Kista



Visiting address

Färögatan 33
SE-164 51  Kista  

Munters Europe AB
Sales, service and production

Hanstavägen 31
SE-164 53  Kista 

Telephone +46 (0)8-626 63 00

Shipping address

Hanstavägen 31
SE-164 53  Kista 

Questions regarding Agriculture and greenhouses?

Please contact our office in Denmark.