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Minimum ventilation fans from Munters

Munters wall and chimney fans for perfect climate control in minimum ventilation

If you are sitting in a meeting room and the ventilation system is switched on/off or badly regulated you can take your jacket or sweater on and off. But the animals cannot regulate the “clo- value” if we do not provide them with the optimal uniform climate. (“Clo-value” describes the insulation of the clothes). So livestock engineers have to be smarter than engineers creating climate solutions for people. 

In turn-key projects it can often be difficult for ventilation companies to sell the optimal climate solution. 

Often the investors or farm industry want to cut the total project cost. If we as ventilation companies are not good at arguing why our climate solutions should not be cut in price, the investors will reduce the ventilation enterprise instead of the feed system or building enterprise. You can cut the ventilation enterprise by using fewer, larger fans with single speed. However, then the room temperature can fluctuate around wanted optimal temperature and provide draft in the animal zone during minimum ventilation.

Fig. 1 

Choose the right size of minimum fans in order to have a uniform room temperature around the set-point. Set-point is the optimal and wanted temperature added to the controller.

Red curve illustrates measured temperature when we use too large fans in minimum without optimal regulation.

Green curve illustrates measured temperature with correct size of minimum fans, which provides a smooth and stable temperature in the animal zone.

If the chosen fans are too big and not variable regulated, it can result in unstable room temperature. It can create draft in the animal zones, which will stress the animals and can result in tail biting, reduced production results and increased need for antibiotic. Also minimum fans with the new Munters Drive reduce the energy cost per produced animal. So it is a win-win situation both for farmers and ventilation companies to add state of the art minimum fans to the project.  

Munters has a big range of minimum fans to secure optimal regulation of minimum ventilation. In the table below, you get an overview. High capacity fans with variable speed can also be used as minimum fans.
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