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Tableting and Compressing

In the world of sensitive products, powders, and tablets, maintaining their quality and shelf life is crucial. Unfortunately, exposure to high humidity can lead to a range of issues, from clumping and mold formation to breakage, causing interruptions in production and clogging machinery.

However, there's a solution to ensure smooth and efficient processes, especially in tableting, where precise material structures are essential. By carefully controlling moisture levels through a controlled addition and removal process, we create perfect granulations, enabling uninterrupted process flow.

Aside from maintaining optimal humidity levels, in the tableting suite, we can continue to regulate the environment to prevent any disruptions along the production line. Dry air is diligently maintained around the presses and feed hoppers, ensuring a continuous and seamless product feed.

Because of these measures, misshapen or crumbling tablets or experience clogged dies. Production shutdowns become a thing of the past, minimizing maintenance downtime, as we expertly manage dust deposits during operation.

With Munters air treatment solutions, the production environment is meticulously controlled, ensuring a stable and controlled climate year-round. This not only guarantees a high-quality product but also allows for increased production output and reduces the number of unplanned production stops, saving you valuable time and money.

  • Prevent product sticking
  • Less stoppages
  • Higher production throughput
  • Less waste, reduced need of cleaning
  • Improved hygiene
  • High quality is maintained

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