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Storage Area (Dry)

One of the main concerns to the owners of warehouses and storage facilities, especially facilities containing sensitive or delicate goods, is excessive moisture.

Materials of all sorts are damaged when exposed to high relative humidity. This can result in material deterioration, mold, corrosion, and other problems. Temperature, on the other hand, has no impact on the quality of materials (except for some liquids). Keeping the relative humidity stable in your dry storage is a win-win for you and for future generations. This is equally important for museums and libraries, archives, distribution warehouses, self-storage facilities, as for temporary storage facilities.

All materials have “comfort zones” where their properties are kept unaffected, guaranteeing maintained high quality and longer shelf life. When exposed to too high relative humidity the material will absorb the water in the ambient air or suffer from condensation related problems.

To prevent moisture damage, keeping a reliable, stable, and low relative humidity level all year around is essential. As with museums and libraries, archive storages require consistent environmental control to ensure that the integrity of these documents/assets remain stable over time.  

Maintain original quality with climate control

The main sources for this excessive moisture are unnecessary ventilation, gaps in the structure of the building, as well as evaporation from moisture-laden products. While improving the insulation of the building will ease the problem, a long-term solution is required to ensure the perfect climate is maintained. The installation of dehumidification devices moves moisture-laden air outside or condenses the moisture into liquid water, ensuring stored goods are kept in optimum condition.

Whether storing metal, military equipment, electronic components, timber, furniture, vehicles, food, or pharmaceuticals, dehumidification ensures the optimal climate, maintaining the highest product quality at the lowest energy level possible. Keeping a low and stable relative humidity level all year around is essential.

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