Frozen shrimps

Product Freezing

In spiral and plate freezers, cooling- and freezing tunnels Munters dehumidification prevents condensation that causes disruption, production interruption and product waste.

Warm food and confectionary products entering freezing processes cause condensation on the product and on process equipment. The condensation transforms into ice build-up that may cause the process to stall and/or disturb the product quality. Defrosting and cleaning of process equipment is frequently required and causes costly interruptions and product waste.

Munters dehumidification maintains the ideal product climate by dehumidifying the ambient air below the product dewpoint.


  • Year-round continuous production
  • Consistent  and high cooling performance
  • Increased productivity, higher throughput through lower and more controlled cooling temperatures
  • Reduced cleaning costs
  • Reduced need of defrosting cycles, up to 1/3
  • Hygienic production conditions without micro-organism growth
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