Powder Conveying

When hygroscopic ingredients and powders absorb moisture they become sticky and build up inside the conveying lines. The resulting flow problems slow the process, create sanitation concerns and eventually cause costly downtime.

Pre-drying the air using a Munters desiccant dehumidification system ensures that the products are transported in a dry environment. The result is quick and continuous problem-free conveying with no unscheduled production stops. 

Many high volume manufacturing companies receive their ingredients by truck or by rail. Pre-drying the air used in their pneumatic conveying ensures that products are transported dry into the silos. Furthermore, the same dehumidified air used for conveying can be delivered into the silo or hopper, and will not cause the ingredients inside to solidify. 

  • Dry, free-flowing products
  • High product quality remains intact
  • Improved hygiene in silos
  • Smoother and faster transport
  • Reduced need of cleaning, meaning less waste and fewer and shorter shut-downs
  • Hygienic storage and transport

The Munters dry air system is the simplest, most precise way of achieving and controlling the accurate humidity conditions required.

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