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Protect bulk powders and sensitive goods such as flour, sugar, salt, hydrated lime, chemicals, cereals and pharmaceutical goods from damp air and moisture damage in transit, with Munters Drytainer™. Condensation and high humidity in transport containers generates substantial costs, due to additional cleaning, product wastage and mould growth.

Drytainer™ utilises Munters desiccant dehumidification technology to pump filtered, hygienic dehumidified air into the tanker ullage space above the load. Powdered goods are protected in transit in a controlled, high quality climate.  

  • Inhibit mould growth
  • Condensation free tanker
  • Up to 4-fold reduction in wash downs
  • improve tanker discharge and powder flow 
  • Tankers typically remain completely clean for up to 6 months
  • Better off-load times and improved fleet availability
  • Typical payback 1 year
  • Lower elevation required to empty tipper tankers
  • Food safe, certified air
  • Typically prevents up to 100kgs of product sticking per load 


This diagram shows the simple operation of the drytainer system installed onto a tanker carrying powders.

fitted drytainer close up

Large quantities of powder can stick inside the tanker, which results in drivers and vehicles spending more time than planned visiting wash stations. Condensation build up is minimised by maintaining low humidity levels throughout the journey. The product arrives in optimum condition, no matter what the outside weather and regardless of journey time.

The reduced requirement for cleaning means there is fewer detergents and labour used. Using Drytainer™, means the period between tanker wash downs can typically be extended four-fold.

Drytainer™ maintains the correct humidity level in the container, whether on the move or stationary. The high moisture-absorbing desiccant rotor at the heart of the Drytainer™ system is very effective at attracting water vapour, so that materials do not stick or cake during transport.

Munters’ Drytainer™ system has been proven by the “Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology” to have both bactericidal and fungicidal properties. The High Performance Silica-gel rotor used in the Drytainer™ system provides a safe and reliable solution for food and chemical industry customers


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