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Gas Cooling

Mist Elimination protects the process and downstream equipment from erosion and corrosion damage.

Many industrial processes require gas cooling. In air handling units behind cooling coils, in process and marine industries behind compressors and turbo chargers, if the gas temperature falls below the dew point, condensation takes place.

Whenever condensation occurs, either when forced by cooling or compression, or caused naturally by temperature-drops in the process, mist elimination is essential. By using the appropriate ‘low drag’ mist eliminator profiles however, higher gas velocities can be accommodated without excessive pressure drop, enhancing overall process efficiency. This optimizes the process flow and also helps reduce the energy requirement. Gravity draws the collected liquids away for treatment, re-use or disposal.

The gas forces transport the condensed liquid to downstream equipment. The condensed liquid either reduces the process efficiency or it causes erosion- and corrosion-damage. Munters Mist Eliminators protect subsequent equipment against such undesirable risks.

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