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Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling is nature's answer to efficient climate control. It is the same cooling principle that our body uses when moisture (sweat) evaporates and cools the skin. Requiring low energy input, evaporative cooling is ideally suited for applications where reducing high temperatures and saving energy consumption is a must.

Munters offers a wide range of products for different evaporative cooling applications to suit a wide range of industries including data centers, livestock buildings, greenhouses and power plants.


Evaporative polymer heat exchanger cooling

Munters Direct and Indirect Evaporative Cooling systems reject heat without adding moisture to data centers. 

Munters award winning Oasis Indirect Evaporative Coolers can provide energy savings in excess of 70% when compared to traditional chiller cooling systems.   

On cold days Oasis Indirect Evaporative Coolers operate dry as air-to-air heat exchangers. Outside air indirectly cools the facilities air through normal heat exchange, without use of any water. Once the ambient temperature rises to a certain point, water is pumped from sumps that are internal to the Munters air handlers to spray nozzles that wet the outside surface of the heat exchanger tubes, coating them with a thin layer of water.

The outside air evaporates water on the exterior of the tubes, which causes heat to be extracted from the recirculating facility air flowing internal to the tubes. In this evaporative mode the heat exchanger cools the recirculated air even when outside temperatures are high. During the few hours a year when outside temperatures are too high and moist for evaporative cooling alone, small chilled water mechanical cooling systems supplement the evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling media

Air is passed through a pad or media, the water evaporates with help of energy taken from the air, and the air is chilled with only a fan and a water pump. Old air is ventilated out and replaced with fresh cool air. The steeper angle in Munters evaporative cooling media directs more water to the air entering side of the pad, where it is needed the most.

Munters DATAdek®, GLASdek®, CELdek®, WETdek® and TURBOdek® are high efficiency evaporative cooling media that have been engineered to provide maximum cooling and humidification, low pressure drop and years of reliable service.

Evaporative cooling is an energy efficient solution for industry, where hot indoor climates lead to low yields, productivity and unsatisfied working staff. This can increase the number of errors and accidents in your production lines.

Munters Evaporative Cooling GTEC systems increase power output for gas turbines, power plants and diesel engines.  Evaporative cooling can achieve 95% cooling efficiency, with high efficiency evaporative cooling media pre-coolers increasing the combustion air density by reducing the combustion air temperature. Using Munters GTEC adiabatic cooling media power output is increased by as much as 20% and up to 60% in very hot or dry climates.



Munters pre-coolers provide a very short pay-back period. For new installations the additional advantage of integration of Munters intake air filtration into the pre-cooler means the investment cost of both air filters and coolers is reduced by supplying one combined housing. The evaporative pre-cooler provides aerosol-free cooled air at a constant pressure drop throughout the year

  • Increase power output
  • High turbine efficiency
  • Low operating cost
  • Short payback
Poultry icon

Poultry Industry

Evaporative cooling systems are vital for optimizing the air quality inside tunnel ventilated poultry buildings during periods of hot weather.  By maintaining lower air temperatures heat-stress related problems are reduced.

Greenhouses icon

Horticulture Industry

A consistent air temperature is very important inside a greenhouse. There is a delicate balance that must be maintained for maximum production. Using a high quality evaporative cooling media within your evaporative system will assures that balance.

Swine icon

Swine Industry 

Maintaining a consistent air temperature inside a swine facility is key to animal comfort and production. Installing an evaporative cooling system with CELdek® pad is a proven way to provide a more consistent air temperature and quality.

Dairy icon

Dairy Industry

 Heat stress on dairy cows can result in a decrease in milk production. A recirculation type evaporative cooling system using high quality CELdek® evaporative cooling media will minimize production loss during extreme outside temperature spikes.

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