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Thermal separation of products by evaporation is widely used throughout the process industry. The purpose of the extraction varies from application to application, but the ultimate goal is the same – to get more products with less expenditure of energy and raw material.

These industrial evaporation processes are typically multistage; where the solvent is evaporated step by step, during which time the product phase becomes more viscous and concentrated. This in itself increases the risk of downstream equipment damage in case of carry-over. In addition, every single droplet lost in the process represents a loss in raw material and energy. Efficient mist eliminators play a crucial role in the evaporation processes by both protecting your process equipment downstream of the evaporator and by reducing loss of product.

Pulp & paper

Black liquor produced during wood pulping contains a high concentration of chemicals and solid wood fibers. Multi-stage evaporation, followed by efficient mist elimination capable of handling high velocities, can yield up to 70% dry material together with recovery of the process chemicals.

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Sugar production

Sugar refining, whether from beet or cane, highlights the problem of viscosity. Concentration of product in the evaporation process requires an efficient mist eliminator vane design to capture and return the product efficiently without clogging.

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Desalination processes generally require high velocity and high volume treatment. This calls for mist eliminators capable of operating efficiently at high flow velocity and also capable of resisting the highly corrosive nature of the salt condensate.

Mist eliminators in the process industry (PDF)


Predictable, efficient recovery of the high value product is essential to the distilling industries. The wide choice of mist eliminator profile material also ensures no reaction with the product.


General benefits of engineered mist eliminators:

  • High efficiency at high velocity
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Predictable performance
  • Efficient, predictable recovery of product
  • Flexible installation – will fit any vessel
  • Choice of material
  • Easy maintenance


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