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Climate Control

Creating a healthy and productive climate

You cannot leverage the climate outside, but by controlling the climate within a closed environment you can create, and consistently maintain optimal conditions for increased productivity, health, comfort and energy efficiency for manufacturers, growers and building owners.

Munters creates ideal internal building climate control conditions by balancing temperature, humidity, airflow and condensation of facilities.

Improved process and production functioning and lower maintenance costs result due to operating in ideal conditions. Longer shelf life and product quality are safeguarded as industrial goods, artifacts,  livestock, and horticulture are produced and stored in perfect conditions.

Our extensive in-house application expertise and broad range of energy-efficient climate control technologies, are engineered to meet demanding client needs and regulations such as ultra-low dewpoint requirements, FDA and HACCP regulations. Our standard and customised solutions are tested in our in-house environmental test facilities, manufactured, certified and verified against rigorous international standards.

Our experienced, professional project management teams take care of everything from design and build, to start-up and maintenance to ensure our systems are kept working at their most efficient throughout the operational life cycle.

Munters extensive application knowledge and broad range of technologies cover temperature and humidity control, evaporative cooling and ventilation. Our wide range of options, create climate control solutions for total reliability and optimum energy efficiency.

  • Achieving year-round climate control
  • Energy efficiency
  • Huge choice of capacities
  • Suitable for a wide range of operating conditions

Munters award-winning air treatment and climate control solutions are designed to maximise efficiency and performance, and offer a superior solution for any requirement, whilst being better for the environment.

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