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Climate Control (Livestock & Greenhouses)

You cannot leverage the climate outside, but by controlling the climate within a closed environment you can create, and consistently maintain, the optimal conditions for growth. At Munters we refer to it as Your perfect climate.

Climate has implications on productivity in livestock and greenhouse structures, and the perfect conditions can be achieved no matter in which climate zone your operation is located.  Several methods are used, but not all as effective, as consistent or as economical. So the choice of company to design and equip your production environment, whether it is for livestock or horticulture, will continue to impact productivity long after the project is completed.

Munters well proven and renowned trademarks CELdek®, Euroemme® and Aerotech® are designed to help you and your business reach the optimal conditions for growth. We will tailor a system solution to satisfy your climate needs, and to control it, consistently and cost-effectively.

Farmer working in the dairy barn
Pigs in a finishing unit
Climate control of broilers

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