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Responsible business practices

Sustainable, profitable business

We create value for our shareholders and employees by running a sustainable and profitable business. In the fall of 2019, manage­ment did a review of Munters’ strategic priorities. This resulted in an updated strategy with clearer ambitions for our sustainability work.

Business ethics

We conduct our operations ethically, honestly and in abidance with the law. Through sound decisions and ethical choices in our daily work, we gain confidence in each other, as well as among our customers and partners. A number of countries in which Munters operates rank relatively low on Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perception Index. In these countries, we place stricter demands on having an effective process to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and that human rights are not compromised.

Code of conduct

Our suppliers and distributors have follow the same ethical guidelines that we follow ourselves. We make clear demands on our partners in the Code of Conduct and require them to read through it and affirm that they understand and will comply with its content. A routine dialogue with our partners on these issues provides several advantages and opportunities for in-depth, long-term relationships and prevents risk.

For more information, read our Code of Conduct documents for suppliers and employees

Goals and outcomes 2019

Code of conduct for suppliers

Our largest suppliers account for 80 percent of purchases. The target for 2020 is that all of them will have signed the Code of Conduct.



Outcome 2018: 66%

Whistleblower cases

Number of whistleblower cases via the external reporting channel. In 2019, the cases mainly related to suspected cases of discrimina­tion and harassment.




Outcome 2018: 7

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The activities that Munters carries out in the area of resource efficiency support the following areas in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Munters has zero tolerance for all forms of corruption and bribery.


UN global goal 16

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