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Environmental, Health & Safety

EH&S Policy

Munters is committed to environmentally friendly and compliant operations. We continuously seek risk reductions as well as opportunities to create a safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly workplace for our employees, customers, communities, and the overall environment. We achieve this through strong leadership, teamwork and our continuous strive for improvement in all that we do.

  • Munters is committed to Compliance to all relevant regional environmental, health, and safety legislation.

  • Munters' manufacturing facilities are committed to operating with a written Environmental, Health, & Safety Management Program. This establishes procedures, programs, and risk-aspect lists to ensure compliance and active prevention of injuries, incidents, and environmental pollution.

  • Munters is committed to active Training & Communicating of our Environmental Health & Safety policy, program, and procedures to all Munters' employees.

Objectives & Targets

EH&S Corporate Objectives for manufacturing sites: (baseline 2013, target EOY 2015)

It is the responsibility of the Operations Manager from each manufacturing site to establish and implement relevant targets to meet the following objectives and targets:

  • Implementation of an Environmental, Health, & Safety Management Program

  • Drive continuous improvements through a prioritized Facility Risk-Aspect List

  • Reduce recordable type injuries by 10% (e.g. outside medical treatment, lost work days, restricted duty) 

  • Reduce energy use and/or improve efficiency of processes or factory (e.g. electricity, NG, LP)

  • Reduce water consumption and/or waste of processes or factory (reduce, reuse, recycle, or generate)

  • Reduce landfill type waste (reduce, reuse, or recycle)


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