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History of Munters

The humidity that exists in the air around us is at the heart of Munters’ operations. Carl Munters’ knowledge of thermodynamics resulted, by the mid-1950s, in innovations where air humidity could be regulated using methods that were based on the laws of nature.

It was in 1955 that the famous Swedish inventor and entrepreneur Carl Munters (1897-1989) founded Munters together with Marcus Wallenberg and two other persons. His initial idea was to develop an air-conditioning system based on the use of evaporative cooling and dehumidification. The development of the key components of the system were the desiccant wheel and the evaporative pads. To the right a sketch of his first rotor, the core of dehumidification. 


Munters expands

Shortly after Carl Munters retired from active management in the early 1970´s, Munters was acquired by the Incentive Group. During the 1970s, the expansion was continued into new markets through subsidiaries and licensees. The company changed it's strategy at the end of the 1970s as some of the patents began to expire. The range of products and applications was gradually extended and the distribution was expanded to most parts of Europe, North America and Japan, largely through licensing arrangement with third parties.

In the 1980´s most of the licenses were acquired. A global moisture control service business (MCS) was started 1985.

Carl Munters died 1989. During his lifetime, he applied for close to 1000 patents. In the picture he is awarded a medal by the Swedish king Carl XVI Gustaf.

A world leading supplier

Carl Munters innovations proved to be of significant commercial value. By continually developing new energy-saving, environmentally friendly solutions, based on his innovations, Munters has become one of the world's leading suppliers in the humidity control field.


Environmental, Health & Safety

Munters is committed to environmentally friendly and compliant operations. We continuously seek risk reductions as well as opportunities to create a safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly workplace for our employees, customers, communities, and the overall environment.

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