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Energy Efficiency

The world needs a perfect climate for sustainable and energy efficient growth. We create value for our customers through innovative and energy efficient solutions.

Controlled, predictable and consistent humidity and temperature has immense commercial implications for our clients. From battery manufacturing plants to greenhouses, gas turbines and massive ships, we provide stable environments with a lower overall energy consumption. Extended life expectancy of infrastructure reduces both total cost of ownership for our clients as well as carbon footprint for the environment.

Here are some examples of our energy efficient solutions:

  • Munters is supplying up to 75% energy savings for data centers, equivalent to the emission of 30,000 cars per data center.
  • Munters DryCool technology saves up to 65% energy and is one of the most energy efficient solutions for treatment of fresh air on the market.
  • Munters' solutions can deliver ultra-dry air not found anywhere else on Earth, enabling the humidity-sensitive production of lithium batteries.
  • Supplying climate control to South Korea's largest poultry producer improved their energy efficiency by 20%.

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