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VariMax™ OTH (Once-Through Heater)

VariMax™ OTH (Once-Through Heater)

  • 80% min effectiveness
  • Up to 150°F rise
  • Up to 600°F discharge
  • Flanged for duct mounting
  • Optional gas train & control packages
  • Complete heater box supply
  • Complete heating packages available, including filters, dampers, fans and duct sections
  • Available in 6 pre-designed sizes: 800 MBTU - 3,500 MBTU



The VariMax™ OTH (Once-Through Heater) is a high efficiency, industrial, indirect-fired gas heater used to heat process air streams without contaminating the air with the products of combustion.

The OTH is well-suited for recirculating ovens, dryers, makeup-air applications in cold environments, and industrial processes with moderate temperature rises.

The counterflow configuration, four-pass design and optimized, secondary, tubular heat-exchanger result in efficiencies up to 88%.

The heater uses a Maxon® industrial gas burner for clean, reliable combustion. The OTH can handle airflows from 2000 to 65,000 SCFM, produce air temperature rises from 20°F to 150°F, with a maximum outlet temperature of 600°F, and are constructed of heavy-duty, stainless-steel for strength, durability and corrosion-resistance.

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