Produkte zur Energierückgewinnung / Heat Exchangers

Z-Duct™ Series 84

Z-Duct™ Plate (Foil) Type Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers

  • Up to 87% sensible effectiveness
  • 100 to 30,000 CFM
  • Commercial or industrial applications
  • Operation up to 400°F
  • Passive, low maintenance
  • Custom plate spacings for exchanger optimization
  • Aluminum or stainless steel foil
  • Special corrosion resistant coating options



Whether packaged in a unit or applied as a stand-alone plate heat exchanger, Z-Duct™ will reduce cooling requirements in the summer and reduce heating requirements in the winter.

Adding Z-Duct™ allows for the introduction of more outdoor ventilation air without overloading the HVAC system. Z-Duct™ plate heat exchangers offer multiple flow configurations, have extremely low-leakage and high energy-transfer.

Pressure drop is minimized and heat-transfer maximized by dimples in the plates which separate the plates.

The continuous fold construction of Z-Duct™ reduces or eliminates sealing between plates, which means less potential for leakage between air streams.

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