Kühler & Befeuchter / indirekte Verdunstungskühler


EPX Indirect Evaporative A/C

  • Ultra high EER system designs
  • Used in areas with poor water quality
  • Flexible heat exchanger designs
  • Unique control options
  • Building exhaust recovery


  • Kühlung mit kaltem Wasser
  • Klappen
  • direkte Verdunstungskühlung
  • Wärmetauscher Face und Bypassklappen
  • hocheffiziente Luftfilter
  • Gas, Elektrisch, Heisswasser, Dampf, Hitze


The most innovative of these heat exchangers is EPX. This heat exchanger uses a unique polymer tube that can be used in all types of water quality environments. In addition, the EPX heat exchanger can be configured to provide building exhaust recovery as well as indirect evaporative cooling all in one design. 
The Oasis product line can be configured to achieve EER over 100. Ideally, these products are used in dry climates to maximize their efficiency and energy savings for customers.

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