Kombinierte Temperatur- und -Feuchteregelung / Landwirtschaftliche Regelungssysteme

Farm Manager

Steuerungen der Farm Serie

  • Versatile family of controllers
  • Relays and variable speed outputs (Farm Hand)
  • Temperature and RH readings and control (Farm Hand)
  • Ideal for step control of ventilation (Farm Hand)
  • Economical solution for sophisticated climate control of many small rooms in close proximity (Farm Master/Farm Center)
  • Extensive user interface on FarmCenter
  • Full function controller (Farm Master/Farm Center)
  • Extensive control of many functions within one structure (FarmPro)


  • Karte für statischen Druck


Munters integrated Farm Manager controller acts as stand alone controller for the individual room or house; all inputs are received; all processing of data is done; and, all output signals are sent by the Farm Manager.

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