Kombinierte Temperatur- und -Feuchteregelung / Alarmmeldungen und Schnittstellen

AgriAlert AA128 Touch

AgriAlert Control Series

  • Spike Block - surge/lightning protection
  • Reliable 12 volts rechargeable gel-cell battery back-up
  • Programmable alarm recalls feature for acknowledged but unresolved alarms
  • Self-diagnostics of complete systems, including, wiring, sensors, outputs, fuses, battery, etc.



Features include:
7-ich color touch screen allows all zones to be seen at once, Intenet connectivity provides remote access, eliminating need to go to the barn every time it notifies you, Email and SMS notifications, Modular architecture allows you to design a system that;s the right size for your operation, 128 zones lets you monitor a large site with a single system, phone dialer provides dependable delivery of alarm notification even if you don’t have internet, Built-in security makes sure only authorized users can adjust the system, Fully compatible AA9600 replacement.

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