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Servo emergency unit and Linak distress opening


  • Emergency opening via the built-in battery and charging circuit to the battery. Automatic stop at outer limits, also at battery backup.
  • LED indication of operating mode, including misconnection and current limits
  • Battery monitor will indicate using sound and light, that the battery needs to be replaced (about 5 years)
  • Possibility of slave operation
  • Automatic detection of disconnected control signal that opens if the line is interrupted.
  • T41 thermostat in series with the supply 230V will ensure emergency opening at interruption



TSN-1 is a modern controller for controlling LINAK actuators. There is one piece of TSN-1 for each Linak. The controller will adjust a damper with Linak actuator in a position corresponding to the input voltage 0-10. This voltage can come from our climate controls. The damper position is determined from the input voltage, measured reference position and max and min sets on the automatic trimmer. You can work with three types of actuators, Linak LA 12 Linak LA 32 or LA Linak 31. Linak LA 12 is a high-servo with a current limit of 1.4A, Linak LA 32 is a slow moving servo with more torque and current limit of 4A approx. Linak LA31 is a is a slow moving servo with more torque and current limit, but is only used for modulating operation.

• 220V supply voltage
• 24V supply output (Linak)
• 0 - 10V control voltage
• 12V battery backup in case of power failure
• Alarm tone at low battery voltage

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