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IW air inlet canopy

Inlet canopies

  • Creates brown-out effect inside building
  • Prevents heavy rain from entering building
  • Protects inlets against environmental elements
  • UV resistant polymer
  • Units nest for compact transport
  • Fits over Munters IW and similar sized inlets



Munters IW Inlet Canopy can be mounted on the exterior walls of a building to cover the air inlet openings. By doing this, several problems commonly observed with the use of inlets are solved. The IW Inlet Canopy creates a brown out effect inside the house while the inlets are open thereby improving animal behaviour and making light control inside the building easier. The IW Inlet Canopy provides protection without disturbing airflow. The life of the inlets themselves is extended because the inlets are protected from environmental elements and direct sunlight. By covering the complete inlet opening, heavy rain is prevented from entering the building through the inlet openings, which eliminates unwanted wet spots inside the building.

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