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Folding curtain 1400

Folding Curtain

  • Protects the animals against the elements
  • Functions as ventilation equipment for the stable
  • Indestructible Tex glass quality, impossible to tear into pieces
  • Feeble light penetration in UV resistant material
  • The curtain can be hoisted up and down manually or by servo motor (also available from Munters)



The curtain protects against the elements and can replace the entire wall, or parts of the wall, while simultaneously operating as ventilation equipment in the stable. Distinctive for the curtain is that it can be folded flat on the wall or stable base. Along with the open ridge system 1-2-3, the curtain forms an efficient ventilation system. Technically speaking, the curtain is designed and manufactured in tex glass quality, which is virtually indestructible and impossible to tear to pieces. The color is light grey forming a weak light penetration, which seems appealing seen both from outside and inside. Tex glass is treated against static electricity, which means that dust and dirt does not stick to the material and it is also UV resistant. The curtain is suspended in a wiresystem that runs over a number of rolls and ends at the top with a metal pipe. For every second meter of wall, a stainless steel wire is mounted on the wall which is fed through a number of metal rings mounted on the curtain. By these devices, the curtain can be hoisted up and down manually or by use of a servo motor.

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