Product launch GPmp heater

New product launch: GPmp air heater

Aug 17, 2015

Introducing the GPmp indirect air heater that is able to provide heat inside livestock farms and greenhouses with the right balance between performance, fuel efficiency and budget!

The GPmp Indirect heater runs on oil or gas and the combustion takes place in a closed combustion chamber providing clean and dry heat while releasing the exhaust gases, water vapors and by-products outside which makes it a perfect application for precise and controlled heating of livestock farms (i.e poultry and swine) and horticultural greenhouses. The heater can be installed indoor permanently in a hanging position or in a separate room.


Here are the unique selling points for the GPmp Heater:

You can find more information and view or download the product sheets for the GPmp heater on the product page or by watching this video below!


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