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Broiler chickens

Maximizing feed conversion in broiler chickens raised in indoor facilities requires careful consideration of several key factors: providing proper nutrition on time and well kept, implementing effective feeding management, ensuring consistent access to clean water, maintaining optimal temperature and ventilation, and minimizing bird stress levels. Maintaining these factors can result in improved feed efficiency and overall growth performance, reducing costs and increasing profitability for broiler production.

  • Feed


    70% of the cost of raising broilers is feed, using the correct feeding system and ensuring correct care and maintenance is essential for profits.

  • Climate


    Attain full, real-time control of your houses and create optimal conditions for all your broiler farms.

  • Weight management

    Weight management

    Track weight gain and FCR by house, calculate cost per pound, and forecast harvest weights and uniformity.

  • Data integration

    Data integration

    Integrate your houses with management software for comprehensive performance, costing, and planning.

Streamline climate control with a single dashboard for broiler chicken farmhouses

Having all the essential climate control parameters, including ventilation, temperature, humidity, air quality, and feed levels, in one dashboard can significantly streamline and optimize broiler chicken farm operations.

A single dashboard that connects Munters' Trio Poultry controller with the climate equipment gives you complete real-time control over the house environment, allowing you to make informed decisions and adjust settings according to bird weight, feed conversion rates, and environmental factors. This maximizes bird health, productivity, and profitability, while reducing energy consumption and minimizing waste.

Discover Trio Poultry

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Animal welfare

Improving animal welfare for broiler chickens is crucial to ensure the health and well-being of the birds and to promote optimal weight gain

Air quality

Monitor ammonia and CO2 levels in your houses. Always ensure the best possible air quality to avoid desease and respiratory issues

Track Broiler Weight Accurately and Efficiently

Precision scales play a crucial role in broiler chicken farms, allowing for accurate and efficient tracking of bird weight. Precise weight measurements enable farms to monitor flock health, manage feed intake, and predict the birds' time to market.


With the help of precision scales and feeders, farmers can make informed decisions about their operations, adjust feed intake, and maintain optimal feed conversion rates, leading to healthier birds, higher productivity, and increased profitability.


Keep track of your animals' weights to boost production

Broiler chickens on scales fully grown bird and chick.jpg

The best software for tracking feed conversion rate (FCR) and the broilers supply chain

Amino, from MTech Systems, enables you to track broiler production operations, weight gain, and FCR by house. With it’s built-in AI algorithms, it accurately calculates cost per kilo/pound, predicts uniformity, and live haul catch schedules with precision.

Discover Amino from MTech Systems


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Halim Co Ltd., Korea

Installing state of the art technology in an effort to improve production efficiency. Special attention was paid to climate control and air quality with a fully automated climate control system.


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La Carrasca, Spain

Munters partners with New Farms who has specialized in intensive stockbreeding to distribute breeding systems and other poultry farm equipment for the poultry industry in Spain with high end climate control systems.


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Cobb-Vantress, Brazil

Fully automated climate control system for one of the most important breeding companies in the world to develop and test new genetic material for the Brazilian market.


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