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GN75 Air Heater

GN Heater series

  • 100% thermal efficiency with net heating output of 75/95 [kW]
  • Corrosion resistant, for environments where highly corrosive gases are present
  • Fuel options: natural gas (methane) or LPG (propane)
  • Electrical box equipped with sockets for remote control via external controller (available on request)
  • Ignition timer (delay 0/60s) for programming delayed start-up of multiple units preventing electrical or gas network overload
  • Multiple safety features such as overheating thermostat, airflow pressure switch and gas supply pressure sensor


  • Termostat


The ambition of Munters is to achieve sustainable solutions that provide both environmental and economic benefits for its customers, so we have introduced the new line of GN heaters with net heating output of 75/95kW. The GN Hanging Air Heaters belong to the next generation of air heaters designed for cost effective heating solutions suitable for a wide range of applications, especially livestock farming were highly corrosive gases are present. The GN series function on the principle of direct fired gas heating, where a powerful fan is used to force air through a combustion chamber - with the burner located inside. The GN heaters operate on natural gas (methane) and LPG/GPL (propane) and guarantee a clean and safe combustion, resulting in extremely low emissions. The GN heaters are fully automated units, equipped with an advanced electronic combustion burner control unit to operate the unit and with safety devices to monitor the combustion flame and prevent any malfunction. In addition, the electrical control box features operation modes - Manual or Automatic - with possibility of remote access by external controller (available on request).

  • Tekniske specifikationer
Tekniske specifikationer
Varmekraft 73 kW
Varmekraft 63,785 kcal/h
Gasforbrug naturgas 7.0 m3/h
Gasforbrug propangas 4.3 kg/h
Gastryk propangas 30/50 mbar
Gastryk naturgas 20/25 mbar
Luftstrøm 4,700 m3/h
Luftstrøm 2,776 cfm
Gas tilslutning 3/4 inch
Energiforbrug 650 W
Elektrisk tilslutning 230/50 - 1 phase V\Hz
Vægt af fuldt udstyret varmere 34 kg

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