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Euroemme EDC18HE Air circulator

EDC luftblæsere

  • Luftblæserens hus er lavet af stærkt, forbelagt, galvaniseret pladestål
  • Hver motor har gennemgået en fuld, individuel kvalitetskontroltest
  • Propellen er statisk og dynamisk afbalanceret.
  • Specialkroge på huset gør det nemt at hænge blæseren op
  • Den gode luftrecirkulation, der opnås ved hjælp af blæserne, modvirker kondensering
  • Luftrecirkulationen modvirker kornsygdomme og hjælper kornet med at komme af med fugten
  • Hver blæser gennemgår en individuel kvalitetskontrol



The ambition of Munters is to achieve sustainable solutions that provide both environmental and economic benefits for its customers, and so, driven by the European ErP Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC, we have introduced the new Euroemme® EDC-HE air-blowers series. The new EDC18HE and EDC24HE fans belong to the new generation of high energy efficient, very robust and reliable air blower fan range, suitable for an extensive variety of professional applications in order to create the optimal indoor climate. The new design of the EDC18HE and EDC24HE air blowers consist of a unique round shaped housing composed of the air conveyor (Venturi) and a discharge cone on the outlet side. Inside the round shape housing, the 3-blade propeller is attached directly to the electrical motor, which is fixed on to the airflow rectifiers. This unique design renders the EDC18HE and EDC24HE as the ideal air blowers which can deliver high airflow capacity with low power consumption. The EDC18HE and EDC24HE have been designed, tested and developed in Munters R&D laboratory, while the performances were confirmed by tests performed in Munters Fan Test Chamber – designed and built according to the ANSI/AMCA 201-85 specifications (the test chambers structure, airtightness and specifications were verified and confirmed by the BESS Lab representatives from the Agricultural Engineering Department of University of Illinois, USA).

  • Tekniske specifikationer
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0.33 HP
Propeldiameter 475 mm
Motor 0.33 hp
Airflow 0Pa 5,046 m3/h
Specifik ydelse ved 0Pa 15.6 m3/wh
Luftstrøm ved 0Pa
Specifik ydelse ved 0Pa
0.15 HP
Propeldiameter 475 mm
Motor 0.15 hp
Luftstrøm ved 0Pa 3,483 m3/h
Specifik ydelse ved 0Pa 17.2 m3/wh

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