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  • Efficient humidity control for applications including product drying, mold and mildew control, corrosion protection, storage and condensation control
  • Durable unitized body with welded aluminum construction
  • Easy access panel for inspection and maintenance
  • Simple ductwork connections
  • Compact, low profile design



Suggested Specification Guide:

Dehumidifier shall be of a type proven in satisfactory operation for a minimum of ten years. Dehumidifier shall be of the non-cycling sorption type with a single desiccant rotary structure. The casing will be fabricated as a unitized body with welded aluminum construction for maximum strength and durability. Suitable access panel shall allow access for inspection or servicing without disconnecting ducting or electrical wiring. Airflow balancing dampers to be furnished.The rotary structure shall be a monolithic fabricated extended surface consisting of inert silicates reinforced with uniform diameter glass fibers for maximum strength. The fabricated structure shall be smooth and continuous in the direction of airflow without interruptions or sandwich layers which restrict airflow or create a leakage path at joining surfaces. Desiccant shall not channel, cake or fracture due to repeated temperature and moisture cycling. The materials of construction shall be non-toxic and NFPA 225-ASTM E84 compliant.

Full face contact pressure seals shall be provided to separate the process and reactivation air streams and eliminate detrimental leakage of air or moisture with static pressure differentials of up to 3″ of water gauge.

Dehumidifier shall be factory assembled. fully automatic, complete with HoneyCombe desiccant wheel, reactivation heaters, reactivation energy control system, roughing filters, motors, fans, non-racheting desiccant drive unit, automatic controller and all components’ auxiliaries. Reactivation energy modulation shall be stepless solid state proportioning type. Dehumidifier shall be functionally tested at the manufacturer’s factory and shipped complete with all components necessary to maintain normal operation.

*Continual engineering and research for product improvement may result in design and specification changes. Consult factory for certified technical data.


- Process Air: Flow Rates of 125-150 scfm at 2" ESP. Nominal moisture removal: 2-4 lbs/hr. Capable of processing saturated, conditioned or outside air.

- Reactivation Air: Flow Rates of 40-50 scfm at 0.2" ESP.

- Electrical Controls: Continuous automatic operation with motor starters, control relays and overload protective devices.

- Drive System: Simple drive belt arrangement, few moving parts.

- Rulon air seals: separate process and reactivation air. Minimum leakage. 5 year life expectancy.

- Process, Reactivation and Booster Fans: centrifugal, direct drive totally enclosed non-ventilated.

- Dehumidifier Housing: Process and reactivation air flow insulation. Blower motors and controls isolated from air streams. Volume control dampers for process and reactivation air streams. All welded aluminum cabinet. Light gray enamel MIL-E-15090 paint.

Please let us help you

To expedite your request, send us a message
here. Please include your zip code and a brief
description of your application in the
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