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Dråbeadskiller – reducerer forurening fra kulkraftværk

By cleaning flue gases from coal power plants, the amount of environmentally hazardous emissions can be sharply reduced. Mist elimination from Munters is a critical part of this process. Munters has worked with leading power generating companies for decades and have through testing and follow up built an extensive parameter database and design tool to be able to adapt and optimize results based on customer conditions.

Air Pollution in China

In recent years, the demand for power in China has increased and as many power plants are fired with coal this has resulted in problems with air pollution. Sulfur emissions from power plants create what is called acid rain and is a much debated environmental problem in many countries. The Chinese authorities have therefore introduced stringent regulations to reduce this type of emissions.

Installing an advanced multi-stage Mist Elimination system

The leading power industries and power engineering companies in China are using the Munters mist elimination technology in their flue-gas cleaning process. Their reason for doing so, is that there are no room for mistakes, they need the best product on the market, a reliable and advanced system to ensure emissions are below limits.

The process, which is called desulfurization, takes place in a process tower through which the flue gases pass before they are emitted out through the plant's chimneys. As a first step, the contaminated flue gases are sprayed with a mixture of water and chemicals that bind the contaminants. Through a combination of speed and friction, Munters mist eliminators then capture the contaminated drops which fall down and are collected in the bottom of the process tower. Mist elimination also includes a cleaning plant. This means that contaminated water and sledge can be removed from the mist eliminators, thus keeping them clean for the best efficiency. Cleaning via desulfurization is very efficient. More than 95% of the contaminating substances are eliminated in this process.

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