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maj 30, 2017 08:00

Munters Group broadens its offering within climate control solutions for the food production industry by acquiring Brazilian-based Edata, adding key software for processing plants

Munters Group (“Munters”), the global leader in energy efficient air treatment and climate solutions, today announced the acquisition of Brazilian-based Edata specializing in key software for food processing plants, primarily for poultry production.

Edata provides software to keep track of production within food processing plants and is a long-term partner to MTech Systems, the leading supplier of software solutions to the live production industry which was acquired by Munters on
1 February 2017. Edata delivers form-fit solutions for tracking finished products, measuring quality and yield, and for controlling waste in the food production process. Edata’s software will be fully incorporated into MTech’s suite enabling Munters to integrate data from farms, hatcheries, feed mills in the food producers' production system. Edata had a turnover of approximately 15 MSEK in 2016 and have 34 employees.

Through the combined expertise and solutions of MTech and Edata, Munters will now be able to provide full control of the food supply chain for poultry, swine and other food production industries. The overall ambition is to optimize the value chain for integrators, distributors and farmers by leveraging technology and control systems to uncover opportunities and increase efficiency through end-to-end data analysis and traceability.

“1 of 7 meals globally originates from installations where Munters provides climate control.  There is a strong demand in the food processing industry for seamless solutions “from feed to fork”. Combining Munters’ climate control systems on farms and in factories with MTech’s planning and optimization software and Edata’s production tracking software will take us a long way towards this goal”, says Peter Gisel-Ekdahl, President Business Area AgHort.   

“Edata is excited to join the Munters family and play a key role in delivering powerful solutions addressing the world’s biggest challenges to efficient food production”, says Edgard Trevisan, Founder Edata.

For more information:

John Peter Leesi, CEO Munters Group
Phone: +46 8 626 63 60

John Womack, Investor Relations
Phone: +46 706 782499

About Munters Group

Munters is a global leader and premium partner in energy efficient air treatment solutions. Using innovative technologies, our expert engineers create the perfect climate for customers in a wide range of industries with the largest being the food, pharmaceutical and data center sectors. Munters has been defining the future of air treatment since 1955. Today,manufacturing and sales are carried out in more than 30 countries by over 3,500 employees.

About Edata

Edata has been delivering turn-key software solutions to the Brazilian poultry processing industry for over 20 years.  Over the last decade through its partnership with MTech Systems, Edata have expanded their global footprint in Canada, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and throughout Central and South America. For more information please visit



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