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Reinventing the wheel

maj 27, 2024

Munters desiccant wheel (rotor) is undergoing a major transformation. To make it more compact and energy efficient, every aspect of this pioneering technology is being looked at. The visionary project is led by Robert Arnell and his team of dedicated engineers.

Introduced in 1951, the desiccant wheel (rotor) is the heart of Munters dehumidification systems. It is used to control humidity in commercial buildings and industrial processes.

Guided by a strategic vision, Robert Arnell, Director of Materials Science R&D, and his team of chemists, engineers, and technicians are working at improving every aspect of the desiccant wheel to maintain its’ position as the most attractive product on the market. Among the many things they are investigating is introducing a super adsorbent material.

"The material we are looking at can adsorb more moisture and be regenerated at significantly lower temperatures, resulting in energy savings and performance enhancement for future products,” says Robert. “Our primary aim is to help our customers reduce their energy bill while also cutting down on their carbon footprint.”

The team is also investigating more functional fibers, smarter production methods and new media geometries, all to improve sustainability, performance, and cost.

To develop tomorrow's materials for the wheel, Munters collaborates with companies and universities. Through the Combient Foundry network, Robert and his team have worked with startups to accelerate innovation.

In addition to focusing on design improvements, they are also examining the wheel's waste streams. This involves exploring how to improve circularity by reusing what remains in internal or external processes.

“We are actively exploring multiple avenues to enhance our systems, striving for a future where they are not only more compact but also substantially more energy efficient,” says Robert. “This strategic approach underscores our commitment to innovation and sustainability in humidity control.” 

Short about Robert’s Materials Science R&D team

The Materials Science R&D team is at the forefront of developing the essential media for Munters wheels (crucial for dehumidification, VOC abatement and carbon capture) as well as evaporative cooling pads.

These components are vital across various industries, from industrial processes to data centers and food production. Comprising chemists, engineers, and technicians, the team meticulously scrutinizes molecular details to enhance media performance.

Their goal? To reduce energy consumption in Munters products, ultimately lowering customer energy bills. This effort also contributes to global CO2 emission reduction by easing the load on power suppliers.

Who is Robert Arnell?

  • PhD in Chemistry from Uppsala University
  • Director of Materials Science R&D overseeing a team of engineers based in Amesbury, Monterrey, and Tobo
  • Joined Munters nearly 13 years ago
  • Resides between Tobo and Kista in the countryside with his wife, a cat, and a small puppy
  • Enjoys spending time in nature, engaging in home improvement projects, and participating in choir singing.

Learn more about the desiccant wheel.

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