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American food producer chooses Munters controller

jan 31, 2024

When a large American food producer recently set up operations in Colombia, they had a special request. They asked for the Munters controller to be installed in their broiler farm in the country.

Munters Rotem Trio controllers are well-known in the industry. They are used by farmers and food producers across the world to create perfect indoor conditions for animals.  

How the controller works is that, depending on what the farmer defines as the perfect indoor temperature, it turns on and off fans and lights, opens and shuts windows and adjusts the supply of feed and water that the chickens consume. Jorge Flores, who is Munters’ Business Unit Manager in Mexico, calls it precision farming. 

“The Rotem Trio adjusts the temperature inside the farmhouse depending on how cold or hot it is outside,” he says. “Compared to other controllers on the market, we can adjust the number of fans or cooling pads the farm has running at any given time. This way they waste neither energy nor feed.” 

In the new farm currently being built in Colombia, the ability to control the air inside the farm is crucial, especially since its four facilities will house 53,000 chickens each.  

“Chicken requires the perfect indoor climate,” Flores explains. “If it’s too cold, they eat too much and if it’s too hot, they drink a lot more water and don’t grow as they should.  Given our ability to provide precise temperature control, we create the most optimal and comfortable environment for the animals.” 


The work that has gone into developing the most attractive controller on the market has resulted in a large fan base and today it is the preferred solution among farmers and food producers worldwide.  

Flores gives the example of the collaboration with the American food producer in Colombia to illustrate the attractiveness of the solution. 

"Of all the farms the food producer has in Latin America, the farms with our controllers perform the best," he says. 

In addition to the controllers, Munters has supplied all other equipment to the food producer’s farm in Colombia. Together with its distributor, Alphex, the company has built a state-of-the-art facility that has attracted the attention of local farmers. 

"Our distributor Alphex is recognized in Colombia for building top quality farms," says Flores. "Together we are setting the new standard for how broiler farms should be built in the country." 

Juan Sebastian Flores Fuentes, General Manager at Alphex, adds: “With the Rotem Trio, we have built a modern farm with the best and most efficient controller on the market.”  

Learn more about how Munters supports the agriculture industry.

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