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Munters supports world’s first e-fuel factory

mar 22, 2023

In Magallanes, at the southern tip of Chile, the first industrial-scale hydrogen plant for manufacturing synthetic fuels is under construction. The goal is to deliver 550 million liters of e-gasoline by 2027.

E-fuels are carbon-neutral and compatible with existing combustion engines, which makes them an attractive alternative for today’s transportation sector.

The German auto manufacturer Porsche has already invested in the pilot and intends to use the e-fuel in its race cars.

Munters is one of the many industrial companies playing a part in building the facility.

Our mist elimination technology is part of the process that captures the CO₂ needed to produce the e-fuels and strips it of contaminants, resulting in 98 percent pure CO₂.

The CO₂, which will be captured directly from the air, is mixed with green hydrogen to create e-methanol, which eventually will be converted to e-gasoline.

The fuel will be shipped around the world.

The whole process will be powered by green electricity and steam, generated by wind power, which means no additional emissions into the air.

"This project really supports our sustainability approach because it allows the world to use existing cars without using fossil fuels while removing carbon from the atmosphere," says sales manager Scott Thron. "To be a part of this says a lot about who we are and what our products can do."

The pilot project in Chile is already underway and there are plans to build similar facilities in the US, the Middle East and Asia.

"Our history of filtering air is long-standing," says Thron. "People keep coming back to us because they know our products do what they're supposed to do and they don't want to compromise anything, especially a groundbreaking project like this."

What is carbon capture?

Carbon capture limits CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere by capturing it and storing it safely, in, for example, underground geological formations. Mass transfer and mist elimination technologies are critical parts of the carbon capture process for all industries. Within this area, Munters has decades of experience, skilled design and support staff, and satisfied customers throughout the world.

For more information about the e-fuel project, click here.

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