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Munters acquisition of InoBram receives approval

jun 30, 2023

We are pleased to announce that the authorities have approved Munters agreement to acquire InoBram Automação, based in Pato Branco, Brazil. The deal between Munters and InoBram allows us to offer a comprehensive and capillary service in South America markets.

Munters mission

Munters is a global leader in climate solutions for mission-critical processes. Munters FoodTech division delivers innovative, energy-efficient climate systems for livestock farming and greenhouses, as well as software for controlling and optimizing the entire food production value chain. 

The ultimate goal is to provide value to livestock farmers and animal protein producers. Using data science and innovative climate solutions, we can increase productivity while contributing to sustainable food production with its strict requirements on quality, animal health, and food safety.  

About InoBram 

InoBram is a technology-based company specialized in the development of innovative automation and technology solutions for the agro-industrial sector, focused on animal production farms. 

“Here at InoBram, we know that work in the field is challenging. But we also know that, with innovation and technology, it is possible to greatly help the day-to-day in the field and make tasks more pleasurable and easier,” says Cleverson Brandelero. 

This is why InoBram exists. It has the determination to provide the market with the best solution, boosting animal farm productivity and allowing every detail of production to be monitored with comfort and safety. 

Going Forward 

InoBram Automação is from now on InoBram, a Munters company. 

Munters will gradually integrate InoBram. The first noticeable changes will be applied to the visual identity of InoBram, which will be visible to customers in the form of an updated logo "InoBram, a Munters Company". 

We would like to assure you that business will be conducted as usual with no changes to the team or product and service portfolio in the near future. As integration progresses, changes will be implemented as seamlessly as possible, avoiding unnecessary disruption to the delivery of our products and services.  

As always, both Munters and InoBram greatly value our customer relationships and they will continue to be our highest priority. Thank you for your partnership, and we are excited to continue our work together as we embark on the next chapter in our journey.  

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