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Munters acquires SIFT to strengthen services offering in France

jun 14, 2023

Munters expands within the European service business with the acquisition of SIFT, a well-known and reputable French service company within climate control and cold storage, active primarily in the northern France.

The acquisition will strengthen the market share for Munters within Service and builds a local service presence in strategic areas.

“I welcome the SIFT team as well as SIFT’s current customers into the Munters family. In a services business, quality always comes down to the people employed. For Munters, our employees are one of our highest priorities, as they are the foundation for serving our clients well and for meeting our customers’ requirements, says Jean-Luc Breton, Regional Manager South Europe / Managing Director Munters.

”With the competence and experience that the SIFT team will bring to Munters, we will strengthen our ability to serve clients in the northern parts of France.”

A family-owned business established in 1947, SIFT is a French service company based in Calais. It is recognized for its quality and commitment to its customers, which Munters intends to continue to develop.

Following the acquisition, Jean-Luc Breton, Regional Manager South Europe / Managing Director Munters France, will take on the role of Managing Director of SIFT. The current owner, Mr.Olivier Maes, will remain in the business to facilitate the transition to becoming a Munters business. Initially, SIFT will remain a separate legal entity, while still operating under the SIFT name.

“Being our family business, SIFT is very dear to me. I see Munters as the right owner to lead SIFT into the future. I trust that Munters will appreciate the vast competence in services that the SIFT employees bring along and will welcome the team to become an integral part of Munters' business in France,” says Olivier Maes.
“I look forward to making the transition as smooth as possible both for our employees and for our customers.”

For more information about SIFT, click here

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